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The Rainforest Festival is a non-profit event in Petersburg Alaska whose goal is to bring participants closer to the natural world through education, exploration and the arts. The festival was founded by numerous individuals and organizations in Petersburg with the common goal of learning more about our rainforest and the ocean that surrounds it. Funding for the event comes from grants, donations of time and space from local and governmental organizations, and sales of our event merchandise. ​

The Rainforest Festival Committee is pleased to accept donations and sponsorships from individuals and organizations to help fund specific activities or the Festival as a whole. Acceptance of donations does not imply endorsement of sponsoring agency missions or activities, nor does it confer decision-making or advertising privileges to the sponsor.​

Current Committee Members:

Mary Clemens, Karen Dillman, Avery Herrman-Sakamoto, Laura Holloway, Marilyn Menish- Meucci, Stephanie Payne, Sunny Rice, and Chris Weiss.

Let us know what you think about the festival, share your ideas, and let us know if you would like to be involved!

Rainforest Festival

Box 82, Petersburg, AK 99833


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